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Welcome to Medi Health Info, the leader in online medical,
health and beauty care information. Medi Health Info
conveniently offers a timely service for consumers,
practitioners and other providers by enabling rapid and
effective decision making there by reducing cost of the
Our mission is to provide objective, credible and reliable
medical, health and beauty care information. Working in
accordance with the policy of the Health Professionals &
Allied Health Professionals Council, who regulate the extent to
which professional services can be made known, Medi Health
Info applies a single window address, realizing convenient
searching for Medical, Health and Beauty Care. This
realization developed a radical new offering in Medi Health
Information and delivery. Coming to the e-party is a
fundamental way of driving improvement and the site
popularity is due to the information it offers - informing
consumers of the whereabouts of practitioners and their
service spectrum.
Our strategic intent is to have a comprehensive portfolio of
Medical, Health and Beauty Care Practitioners actively
participating nationally in within eleven provinces.
Through constant application of the latest technology,
MediHealth Info ensure that the word on health and wellness is
communicated to a broad based consumer market.

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